Welcome to Meridian 120 Mining

Meridian 120 Mining is an Australian resources company whose particular focus includes the sourcing and acquisition of global lithium & other rare metal assets with significant potential for value growth. The company will seek to deliver value uplift to its shareholders through the rapid and precise advance of those properties’ exploration, development and construction phases and then into stable and profitable mining operations.

With a board whose industry experience and networks concentrate deeply within the resource and capital market sectors of both Western Australia and China so was the company’s name chosen. Meridian 120 (east) is the only line of longitude to intersect both China and Western Australia. Accordingly, Meridian 120 Mining’s primary focus is on the development of projects and securing of strategic alliances within these two key global mining and capital regions.



美利迪安矿业公司是一个澳大利亚的资源公司, 其发展之重点包括在世界范围内寻找并购买具有极大增值潜力的锂, 钨资源。本公司将快速准确地对其钽和钨资源进行勘探, 开发及建设而达到稳定盈利的采矿生产从而大幅提升股东投资的价值。同时公司仍持有硫化镍矿和金矿资源, 作为规避市场风险的积极策略。

美利迪安矿业董事会成员具有在澳大利亚和亚洲资源和资本市场广泛和深入的渠道及业内经验。就像东经120度子午线贯穿中国和西澳大利亚, 美利迪安矿业寻求通过贯通这两大全球领先的资本和资源之来源地, 形成一系列战略合作联盟来进行矿业项目的开发。